Skin Care

For the perfect look, you need the perfect service. And we offer just that! Slash beauty parlour & spa is a premier skin care expert in Ashok Nagar. We are the one stop destination for all your beauty needs. We understand how important it is to be at your best. We want to make sure every single inch of you is groomed and coiffured in a way that not only highlights your beauty treatment but also makes you feel good about yourself. Let's face it: sometimes all we need is a little extra care and pampering. So come visit us at slash today and get ready for compliments galore!

Threading and Waxing

Perfect eyebrows enhance your looks and helps you stand out from the crowd. Waxing regularly will help in exfoliating the dead skins. Experts in Slash makeup studio will make sure that you are comfortable and have less pain while doing waxing and threading. Make an appointment right now to get rid of those unsightly hairs!

Facials and De-tan

Slash’s facials are more than just your typical facials at beauty parlour and spa in Chennai. A facial is not just about cleaning your face, it is about making your skin feel rejuvenate and leave it looking and feeling its best. From wrinkles to fine lines, we have the perfect facial that will leave you with the softest and smoothest skin possible. Our facial treatments are designed to give you the most amazing experience while also meeting all your expectations.

Under Eye Treatment

Slash beauty parlour in Ashok Nagar is the one stop solution for all your eye makeup needs. With our top notch process, you can get rid of your dark circles and puffy eyes in no time. We will work on the areas that are troubling you most and make sure that they become fresh, beauty and healthy looking again.

Underarm Treatment

We understand the pain of sleeved dresses and we at Slash beauty care parlour in Ashok Nagar provide you with a solution. Our services are not just limited to underarm treatment but we also help in removing the dark skin from other parts of your body like shoulder, elbow, hands etc. Whether you want to remove it for a special occasion or just want to feel confident again, our treatments are sure to do the trick!

Manicure and Pedicure

Slash is a nail beauty salon in Chennai where you can go and get your nails done with ease. It is a one-stop destination for all of your nail care needs. With expert technicians, who know the right way to pamper your hands and feet, you will enjoy your experience at Slash Unisex Salon.

Bridal Services:

Our team of makeup artists and stylists is expert at creating bridal makeover looks that are unique to your style, personality, and overall look, whether it's for your wedding day, prom or any other special event. We want you to look like yourself on your wedding day - only more beautiful! Our expert team of hairstylists and makeup artists at Slash bridal makeup studio will help you create the perfect look. We understand that each bride has her own vision of how she wants to look, which is why we listen closely to what you want and then work with you to bring your vision to life.