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Every person is unique and has their own style. At Slash Salon, you will find the perfect style that suits you. We have started with great enthusiasm with a team of passionate stylists and experts who are always up to the task of fulfilling your beauty needs. You can get everything from a regular haircut to an enriching spa experience at our salon. We offer selective styling solutions that will look perfect on you.

We believe everyone is beautiful in their own way, and therefore, our job is to emphasize your uniqueness and bring out your style statement to the world outside you. Our salon will also provide services like pedicures, manicures, facials, and massages. We assure you that the moment you step inside our salon, you will walk out as a better version of yourself! Get in touch with us to book your appointment now!

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Best Spa In Ashok Nagar

We all have a hidden desire to look beautiful to the ones in front of us. Let us not deny the fact that we do all in our power to bring that look that we love exactly the way we wanted it. But more often than not, you feel there is something missing in the style that you have done for yourself at home. That missing piece is so easy to find. You need the professional touch of a good salon & spa in Ashok Nagar. And that is where SLASH - The Style Paradise comes into the picture.

We have begun with great enthusiasm at Ashok Nagar. With the collective experience and creativity of our team, we are up to the task of providing you with the best styling solutions. If you were unable to find a suitable style before, come visit our beauty parlour in Ashok Nagar, and get that perfect look that you want.

Why do you need a style?

You might be overwhelmed by the constant talk of style everywhere. Ever wondered why there is a lot of importance pegged on this abstract element? Well, we are sure that you will find the answer to this question at our salon in Ashok Nagar

The dictionary says style is a distinct appearance of something. Slash Salon will help you find that distinct appearance you have been looking for. Our talented team of stylists at our beauty parlour in Vadapalani will pick the right style that reflects your personality. After all, your style defines who you are and speaks so much about you without uttering a single word.

Services at Slash

Now we know why style matters, how can you get achieve the perfect look? It is as simple as booking an appointment at our salon & spa in Ashok Nagar. So, the next question that pops up in your mind is, ‘What Slash can do for me?’ Here is the short version of what we do for our clients.

Unisex Hair Styling

Our professionals have a lot of experience with hair styling for both men and women. We know, almost by intuition, the best haircut that would be perfect. But, what determines a perfect haircut? Our team of stylists at the salon in Ashok Nagar consider your face-cut and suggest appropriate hairstyles that would look great on you.


If you are having a hectic day and need some space to chill. Then, our spa & beauty parlour in Kodambakkam is your place to be! Our professionals will make you relax with a full-body massage. You can also get a special hair spa treatment from our experts if you ask for it.


Even the small things can actually accentuate your beauty. At our spa in Ashok Nagar, our experts will give special treatment for fingernails and toenails to make them look good.

What should you do now?

If you are reading this, you would definitely be here in search of the right style for you. And we have no doubt that you will find it at Slash - The style paradise!